Eid Extravaganza


This event is successful because of our amazing volunteers! Be part of our team, give back to the community!

Why Become a Volunteer?

This is an opportunity for everyone to give something back to the community. Whether you volunteer for a few hours or a whole day, you become part of the event and reason it becomes a success! So volunteer with us today!


What Does a Volunteer Do?

A volunteer can take on a variety of roles depending on what you feel comfortable with. We have roles which require volunteers to direct people to the event to helping run a stall. We will explain all the different roles and then you can choose one that you would like to do.

Past Attendances

in April 2023
in 2022
in 2019
in 2018

With a higher attendance expected in July 2023, for stall holders this is a great chance to benefit from Oxford’s biggest and best community Eid event

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