Oxford Eid Extravaganza was established in 2015 to bring the Oxford community together to
celebrate one of the yearly Islamic traditions.

Since then, OEE has become more than a simple celebration – it has evolved into an integral
community event that people look forward to. It has become a platform where local businesses are
able to launch their new products and services as well as the go-to place for businesses and
organisations to access the economies of the BAME communities.

When we realised the potential of this Eid event, we set about bringing a new dynamic – in the form
of applying a theme across the event so that the wider community would acknowledge the
unfettered access into the event. Although the event was established to celebrate Eid, the event was
not and will never be restrictive to any group, gender, faith or nationality.

In 2018, we applied the theme of Men’s Health. This was supported by an underlying theme of
community cohesion. Thus, we successfully held a football tournament to encourage men to
participate in team sports so that they would be more inclined to look after their health. After all,
prevention is better than cure. We brought together 22 different nationalities to play together in the
football tournament and there was a resounding element of success that spun off from this project,
which culminated into the Diversity Football League, which now allows the strengthening of the
relationships between these groups of people by playing every Sunday.

Due to the strong underlying theme of community cohesion, we brought in many different cuisines
from all over the world to exhibit their unique flavours and tastes, much to the delight of our 5000+
guests who attended on the day.

This year, we are continuing with the themed approach, which happens to run in well with the
following events that coincide with the Eid Extravaganza event on Sunday 9 th June 2019:
 Bike Week (8-16 June)
 Oxford Green Week (8-16 June)
 National Growing for Wellbeing Week (3-9 June)

As such, we are very proud to announce that our theme for this year will be focussed around the
environment and sustainability of the planet. This also runs well in line with some very important
Islamic principles, which require Muslims to protect the planet, wildlife and each other.
We are currently seeking partnerships with any organisation or businesses that share these
important values of protecting our planet that wish to exhibit to or work with the BAME

We’re hoping to exceed the 5000+ attendees this year, attracting people of all ages, professions and
nationalities on the day and we aim to produce a high engagement factor before and after the event
despite the event being established on a yearly celebration.

Get in touch if you would like to increase your reach of products and/or services to the multi-cultural
community of Oxfordshire and beyond.

The Oxford Eid Extravaganza Team

Contact details:
Mujahid Hamidi

T: 07475 180061
E: stalls@eidextravaganza.org
W: eidextravaganza.org

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