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Welcome to our ‘House of Wisdom’ – The 2022 Oxford Eid Extravaganza


Recognising the post-pandemic need for recovery, renewal and ‘building back fairer’, this year’s 2022 Oxford Eid Extravaganza is dedicated to promoting education and learning for individual and community renewal and wellbeing. Oxford Eid Extravaganza’s life-long learning ethos means there’ll be a multiplicity of exciting learning opportunities and fun games and activities for all age groups, individuals, families and friends to check out and enjoy from the Eid Extravaganza’s wide variety of stalls and diverse exhibitors.


As always for those who want to re-educate their post-lockdown palates, there will be food stalls aplenty with numerous cuisines and culinary delights creating Oxford’s very own global diaspora community kitchen. Community Educators, Sports and Fitness tutors, science-tech and digital educators, music and arts educators, green-eco-educators are all invited to show case the wealth of local learning opportunities which are available.


As Eid represents a period of reflection and renewal, make sure you sample the 2022 Oxford Eid Extravaganza’s ‘House of Wisdom’ vibe – discover Oxford’s community-based pedagogies of hope, tap into community learning resources that can help to build your skills so communities can build back fairer. Come to this year’s Oxford Eid Extravaganza where everyone is invited; and join in our fun and exciting collective celebration of individual and community recovery, re-learning and renewal.

Our event will be held here: